ECOPLUS 2021 # AZIENDA AGRICOLA MEDEGHINI: We at Daina have produced this footage to help launch our newly restyled, furtherly optimized Ecoplus linefive products we have conceived to be as environmentally friendly as ever by employing recycled paper only for our rolls and sheets as well as up to 100% recycled polyethylene for the packages they are wrapped in. In a nutshell, an array of top-quality, user-oriented, and, what is more, truly and thoroughly sustainable products.

The Medeghini Farming and Dairy Company is based in the renowned plantation and farming district surrounding Piffione, Italy not far from the worldwide famous marble quarries of Botticino and just a few minutes’ drive from the historic inner city of Brescia.

The story has it that back in 1931 the brand being recognized nowadays as a masterpiece example of sustainable, quality-conscious dairy farming rested on a mere dozen cows. Its true, well-deserved growth path only started in the 1980s, and eventually led to its 2001 admission to Europe-wide famous Granarolo Cooperative Group. The Medeghini Farm incarnates a unique concept combining – or, better yet – reconciling state-of-the-art control and efficiency with the primordial bond linking true farmers to their own calling, land, animals, and precious products.

Thinking of the Medeghini Farm naturally conjures up the words earth and soil, consistently so with the primeval feeling of love we at Daina heed and cater to by way of our Ecoplus line.