ECOPLUS 2021 # PASTIFICIO FRANZONI: We at Daina have produced this footage to help launch our newly restyled, furtherly optimized Ecoplus linefive products we have conceived to be as environmentally friendly as ever by employing recycled paper only for our rolls and sheets as well as up to 100% recycled polyethylene for the packages they are wrapped in. In a nutshell, an array of top-quality, user-oriented, and, what is more, truly and thoroughly sustainable products.

Pastificio Franzoni was established in the very heart of Brescia, to wit at the heart of its picturesque historic center, in 1942, and has held up the manufacturing of fresh, bronze-drawn pasta ever since.

The Pastificio Franzoni brand almost naturally conjures up the idea of deeply rooted local tradition and the scent and texture of fresh, highly selected raw materials making up the finest lasagne, tagliatelle, filled casoncelli anyone could possibly enjoy.