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Looking back, and looking forward

Have you heard of Janus, the Roman god with one head and two faces, meaning, legend has it, meant he could see both the past and the future? The story we are about to tell you is all about a company in which long-standing traditions and the experience of the past coexist in perfect harmony with the most advanced technology and modern machinery available and, like any self-respecting story, it begins with the words “once upon a time”.
Once upon a time, therefore, at the end of the swinging sixties – the era of the economic boom – there was a man named Giacomo Della Maestra, an entrepreneur in the restaurant trade who decided to start up a small business on the side. From that moment onwards, the future began to make an appearance, as supporting the father, under his aegis, was, in fact, his young son Giovanni. daina was set up, and, in the 1970s – years of freedom, transgression and political struggles but also of great creativity in all fields – it operated as a small manufacturing workshop producing toilet paper. It was a brand new face on the local production scene, but developed rapidly, so much so that shortly, the small business moved to a new site in order to meet its sizeable logistical needs.

The following decade – characterised by shoulder pads and backcombed hair – saw daina establish itself as a small industry, well-integrated at Italian level. The new site, still home to a production centre today, provided the company with more storage space, enabling it to increase the number of machines, which would require continuous technological updating. daina settled on specialising in the production of toilet paper and products in rolls for public and industrial use.
In the 1990s – that decade squashed between the light-hearted, carefree years that had just ended and an almost frenetic desire to discover the elusive year 2000, which played a starring role in fantasies and science fiction – the new daina, now to all intents and purposes led by Giovanni Della Maestra, took numerous steps, both expanding its product range and investing in research, development and qualified personnel. In 1995, the administrative and sales offices moved to the new logistics site.

Πάντα ρει, everything flows, claimed the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, to symbolise the flow of time, becoming: he who hesitates is lost. And, in that future which had now become present, that long-awaited 2000, imagined in a thousand different ways, there was no stopping daina. In 2001, the second production site with its recently-implemented new technology came into operation. In the same year, Diego Della Maestra joined the company and set up the new team, which is still in charge of daina today, following ongoing reorganisation, keeping up with the needs of an increasingly professional and qualified clientele.

Its professionalism, experience and enterprising staff make daina the company it is today: an ever-expanding business that has made a name for itself on many national and foreign markets.

Every self-respecting story ends with the words “and they all lived happily ever after”, but the one we have just told you, the story of a typical Italian family business, is the exception to the rule: the final full stop has yet to be added, the new future is ready to become more present than ever. The most suitable words to conclude the daina story are “to be continued”.

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