Lenzuolini Medici

Medical bed sheets

daina offers wholesalers and companies a range of medical exam table paper designed to meet the needs of hospitals, nursing homes and retirement homes but also wellness centres and spas. Our production of medical bed sheets is aimed at guaranteeing the hygiene the aforementioned sites require because, as Rousseau claimed, hygiene is the only useful part of medicine, and hygiene is rather a virtue than a science!
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Lenzuolino 68 medical

DAY Care, TEXX Care
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035WSAC00605 | 0000L

Material: Wet resistant 100% cellulose

feature 1

Core diameter:

42 mm

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feature 3


2 Microglued

feature 4

Roll diameter:

14 cm

Medical Bed Sheets: the necessary protective barrier between the exam table and the patient.

Medical bed sheets protect exam tables from bacteria, germs and infections that can be transferred between patients. When patients come into direct contact with medical beds, they can transfer harmful contaminants. Subsequent patients are therefore at risk of exposure to pathogens that may have been left by those before them. daina medical bed sheets protect exam tables from cross-contamination between patients.

Medical bed paper is also useful for covering chairs for beauty treatments, massage beds, chiropractors’ chairs, tables and any other medical equipment or furniture with which patients or users of wellness centres and spas can come into contact. In all these cases, a daina medical bed sheet is the ideal tool for preventing cross-contamination between one person and another, as it offers a protective barrier against harmful microorganisms that can easily be transferred from individual to individual through contact with a shared surface.

Medical Bed Paper Rolls: convenience and ease of storage.

Paper sheets for bedsfor medical or aesthetic use – are generally packaged as medical bed paper rolls, to facilitate their storage and distribution. If necessary, the medical bed paper can simply be rolled to the length required to cover the bed, chair or any other item of furniture used. In this way, the medical bed sheet acts as a protective barrier between the patient and the item of furniture and only one patient comes into contact with it.

At the end of the check-up or medical procedure – or at the end of the massage or any other aesthetic treatment – the disposable medical bed sheets are thrown away.
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