SANIPLUS / Ecosilver Paper Partnership


Saniplus is a pure cellulose toiletry paper line resulting from our partnership with Espro S.R.L., which earned us the exclusive license to use the proprietary Ecosilver Paper® technology within our manufacturing plants. The silver ion-based natural formula we apply to our Saniplus products forms a highly effective antimicrobial system capable of inhibiting bacterial growth from within the paper’s very meshwork.

Saniplus is a line of compact-sized products that stay true to Daina’s long-time environmentally friendly philosophy. The project is aimed at offering an ever broader range of effective professional solutions expressly intended, if not outright ideal, for use within a wide array of contexts highly sensitive to hygiene and disease prevention concerns.

Ecosilver Paper® technology consists in treating pure cellulose with ionized silver, a biocide especially effective at curbing and reversing bacterial proliferation within the paper’s own meshwork. In consideration of the concentrations involved, and in the light, also, of the outcomes of the studies we carried out and the certifications we obtained, no risks whatsoever have emerged in association with this particular treatment.
The laboratory testing support we obtained from the School of Microbiology of Ferrara, Italy’s State University further stresses the effectiveness of our antimicrobial barrier and its utter lack of impact on the peculiar, widely-acknowledged skin-friendliness of all of our products.


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